The organisation was launched on the 8th April 1994 after a number of parents, encouraged by staff at Addenbrooke’s decided that a support group could offer a great deal to the families of children with cancer on Ward C2, both during and after treatment.

The committee is made up of volunteers who have themselves experienced childhood cancer in the past and can empathise and understand the difficulties encountered by families with a very sick child.

COPARS is a registered charity and membership is free. It is basically a network of Parents, Relatives and Carers joined by the common thread of childhood cancer.

The Organisation exists to bring together these very special people who love and care for very special children. There is an organised programme of events throughout the year – a chance for COPARS families to meet each other in a social atmosphere at various venues and to have fun together. Highlights have included: Summer Barbecues, Visits to local Theme Parks, Easter Events & Christmas Pantomime.

There are also COPARS volunteers who visit the wards once a week to meet with families who want support.

Our objectives: To alleviate physical, mental or financial distress or hardship of persons with childhood cancer, the family and friends of persons with childhood cancer, and persons bereaved through childhood cancer.

To provide education about childhood cancer to persons with childhood cancer, the family and friends of persons with childhood cancer, persons bereaved through childhood cancer and members of the public at large.

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